When I first found out I had scoliosis with ‘s’ shape, I was in the late 20s. Too afraid and lack of parental guidance, I decided to leave as it is although I knew it was haunting the back of my mind throughout the years. Now that I am at the age of mid 30s, I started having back pains at the top area gradually showing an obvious hump at the back of the body. Age is catching up and the body too doesn’t seemed to be as fit and active as before. What made me take action is the day I decided not to compromise quality of life doing things I like, being active for work and play. It was then I started to research and came across Spinal Inc.

I was determined to see results and went on an intensive treatment – everyday with a minimum of 2 sessions completing the Phase 1 of 72 sessions within 2 months. Results showed reduction from 45-degree curve to 31-degree (top) and 40-degree to 29-degree (bottom) curve. I am now moving on to Phase 2 and feel motivated to see the results. Spinal Inc. is not just a place for treatment. It’s where I got to understand my body condition better and knowing the best way possible to correct it. Thanks to the staff and Dr Madeline relentlessly answering all the queries I had throughout the treatment and customizing the exercises for maximum results.


我是利观运,今年84岁,我有严重的脊柱侧凸问题(scoliosis)。从1987到现在,已经二十多年了,并且越来越严重,一年比一年辛苦。期间我尝试了中西医各种治疗方式,尝试了脊椎治疗(chiropractors),都是治标不治本,不能完全痊愈。2010年我开始行动不便,生活起居必须依赖轮椅。同年十二月我因为脊柱侧凸所引发的问题而进了Pantai Hospital两个星期,过后开始接受物理治疗(physiotherapy),但经历两个月,仍人没有进展。直到2011的三月,在机缘巧合下,我有幸找到Dr. Madeline Ting of Spinal Inc,我每星期接受一次治疗,一个月就有了显著的效果,我可以靠拐杖走路。在这之前,我已经11年不曾享受过旅游,被Dr. Madeline Ting治疗了7个月后,我终于有了11年来的第一个假期:到波德申度假。我真心的感谢Dr. Madeline Ting和她的护士门,是他们给了我新的生活新的人生,让我可以和正常人一样度假,享受快乐。是他们让我真的摆脱了肉体和精神上的痛苦和折磨。

CJ Lee

I am 45 years old, I was so depressed about my spine.  I had the Harrington rod put into my back at 14 years old, after 3 surgeries later the doctors decided to remove it completely, I was 26 years old at that stage.  Many years I looked for help, finally I was introduced by a family member to come to Spinal Inc.  I am very happy with the results because my posture looks better now, I don’t have any more pain too.

Chan TC

My mum and dad took me to Spinal Inc to see Dr Madeline, I was told I had scoliosis when I was 12 years old.  My scoliosis was very bad, 52 degrees.  My parents did not want me to do operation.  After 2 phases of correction my scoliosis is now 32 degrees, I am feeling better because the kids at school don’t look at me strangely anymore. I also feel more confident around other people now.

Choo MM

I started treatment 1 year ago, when I started I was 28 years old.  My parents did not know what to do about my scoliosis when we first discover the problem.  At that time there was no doctor that can help. My curve was 38 degrees, today it is 26 degrees.  I thought I was too old so treatment, but I decided to give it a try anyway.  I  am pleased I did this therapy, the best thing I did for my health.  Thank you so much to the team at Spinal Inc.

Wong HJ

Spinal Inc has been my physiotherapy centre for the past 2 years. Dr Madeline Ting introduced me to Schroth Method. The technique is inside out (for me) concentrating on the muscles/breathing and positioning. The muscles we use have never been activated. I realised how my muscles and spine has changed. My posture and appearance have massive visible difference. After only a few sessions with Spinal Inc, I began to feel and function very much better. I know and others have remarked. I don’t think I could achieve all this without Spinal Inc. The therapist’s intensity in teaching is like no other therapist. Besides, the professional excellence, they are sensitive and caring people. Their company is my pleasure.