Scoliosis Physiotherapy

How to improve my scoliosis body through exercise

“I hate my ugly scoliosis body, what can I do about it?” In all my years of working with scoliosis patients, I have heard this same comment made thousands of times.scoliosis physiotherapy

As a scoliosis sufferer I hated doctors for telling me nothing can be done, that this condition was untreatable by exercises or physiotherapy. The only option is surgery! As a teenager this was sure a blow to your confidence and self esteem, but yet what did they care; your just a kid.

I’m here to tell you a short story. Scoliosis can be treated through proper scoliosis exercises. It needs to be specific to your curvature and your body’s physical deformities. Rather pointless doing exercises for someone else’s scoliosis! I have witnessed this through many of our patients over the years.

Through patience, diligence, and extreme support from family members I have seen hundreds of my scoliotic patients go through a metamorphic change of their body’s deformities through a simple means of scoliosis exercise. Scoliosis exercise and rehab if done properly and consistently can transform the body to look straighter, the hump becomes smaller and the sunken areas appear fuller and normal.

scoliosis physiotherapy malaysiaScoliosis physiotherapy and rehab can consist of breathing exercises from Schroth’s Method, or postural scoliosis exercises which helps to re-align the body’s center point, it may also include muscle strengthening exercises to activate muscles of the sunken areas. Whatever exercises they may be they will definitely benefit your overall cosmetic outlook of your scoliosis.

In conclusion, I want scoliosis patients to understand there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your physical outlook, I can empathize with that feeling as nobody wants to feel ugly. Doctors only talk about a reduction of the curve for health reasons, which I agree to an extent. But yet a person’s emotional wellbeing is equally important. The right to be happy and confident when approaching others also adds to being a complete person. I urge scoliosis sufferers to continue looking for certified practitioners that can do proper corrective scoliosis exercises.