About Us

Spinal Inc’s beliefs:

Our clinical approach to treatment is to be as innovative as possible in blending various methods to achieve the best results for our patients.  We do not believe that results can be achieved with only one system.

There are many methods globally which offer many advantages to scoliosis correction and spinal restoration. We provide a results driven program of rehabilitation and physiotherapy through non-surgical treatment of Scoliosis and Postural deformities.

Spinal Inc has been established in Malaysia since 2002 specialising in scoliosis correction. Our primary focus has always been on scoliosis correction, our patients vary in age from 8 to 85 years old. Our program uses scientifically proven and well documented techniques designed to correct spinal structure and posture. We are determined to provide superior quality treatment and will aspire to make the environment and services within our practice exceed the expectations of our patients.